Citizen action of new york

“Citizen Action and its members are excited to be standing behind Antonio’s campaign. Antonio has laid out a strong progressive vision for the region. We feel he will be a powerful advocate for struggling families and communities of color. The Hudson Valley is ready for a Congressperson who will put the needs of everyday people before the profits of rich donors.”


Ilene hinchey, michelle hinchey, and dan ahouse, the wife, daughter, and former chief of staff of congressman maurice hinchey

“Antonio is a natural leader who has the strength and courage to not just defeat John Faso and be an outstanding Representative, but also to be the leader we need here at home and in Washington -- someone who will bring people together to advance and protect our core democratic principles that are currently under assault in Washington. Antonio has a deep personal connection to and understanding of our region and can speak to the hopes and dreams of the people who live here. He will be our voice, he will inspire action and he will stand up for our values with unbreakable determination."


Dutchess county democratic committee

I’m honored to have received the Dutchess County Democratic Committee endorsement, and humbled by the strong grassroots support I have received. Democrats across Dutchess County and across the Hudson Valley and Catskills are uniting behind my campaign to bring universal, affordable healthcare to all, create good-paying jobs, reform our broken education system, repeal the Trump tax scam, and preserve our environment. With the support of the Dutchess County Democrats and thousands of others, I’m ready to take on John Faso and flip this district.


Brady campaign to prevent gun violence

 "Antonio Delgado has made clear to voters that gun violence is a public health crisis. Delgado supports expanding background checks to prevent domestic abusers and violent criminals from purchasing firearms, ending the sales of bump stocks, and rejecting the influence of the corporate gun lobby. Delgado has firmly stated that gun laws need to reflect the needs of real gun owners, rather than the agenda promoted by the NRA."


Manna jo greene, ulster county legislator and legendary environmental activist

"Antonio Delgado is my choice for the Democratic candidate to represent New York’s 19th Congressional District. An Oxford graduate and Rhodes Scholar, he is brilliant, articulate and has wonderful values - especially regarding affordable health care and housing, quality education, environmental protection, social justice, tax reform, greening our cities and protecting area farms. What strikes me the most, however, is his ability to listen and synthesize new information in a manner reminiscent of FDR... With the many crises we now face nationally and globally, Antonio will tackle these challenges with courage and the ability to implement the solutions that are needed to create a world that works for everyone."


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Move forward new york

"Delgado is a stark contrast to current Congressman, John Faso, who
has mostly avoided major interactions with his constituents, while chiefly voting in
support of the Trump Administration. Move Forward New York asks our fellow
citizens to continue to become informed on the issues facing NY CD19 and believe
Delgado is the clear choice to help our district, and our country, move forward."

KT Tobin endorse.jpg

KT TOBIN, New paltz deputy mayor

"Antonio is thoughtful, honest, and compassionate. He is an active listener who knows how to talk and work with people he disagrees with, a quality sorely lacking in our hyper-polarized political climate. Antonio rejects tribalist rhetoric and policy and articulates a vision with a practical plan to reimagine and repair our broken systems, lifting up those who have been harmed by them. Antonio’s demeanor and approach are refreshing and give me hope. Antonio is who I want representing us in Congress.” 

061718 Richard Abbate.jpg

Richard abbate, former chair of otsego county democrats and cooperstown democrats

"Antonio knows the meaning of hard work. He comes from working class roots and understands the needs of families in Otsego County and across New York’s 19th District. He has brought his work ethic and the values of integrity, honesty and service that he was raised on to this campaign, building an outstanding organization that reaches every part of this region. He is committed to restoring dignity to our politics and will be a credit to us in Congress. I am proud to endorse Antonio and I hope you will join him on this journey to win back Congress.


Tom hoffay, former chair of ulster county democratic committee and kingston city council majority leader

“The time has come to narrow the field and pick one candidate who can lead Democrats to victory against John Faso and give the people of this Congressional District the representation they want and deserve. I believe that Antonio Delgado is that candidate.  His vision, commitment and enthusiasm, his organization and discipline have convinced me that Antonio is the right person to meet this challenge.  I believe Antonio will win this race.  I believe he will be a credit to us as our representative in Congress.  I ask you to join me and support Antonio Delgado as our clear choice for the House of Representatives.”


Andrea mitchell, health care activist

“Mr. Delgado speaks from the heart, whether it is discussing women's rights, gun violence, injustice, or the dangerous or immoral actions of the current administration. Antonio is a man I greatly admire. He has real achievable goals to bring jobs back to our area and help build the infrastructure here in Upstate New York. I am proud to endorse him."


Nina Dawson, commissioner of the Ulster County Human Rights Commission and director of the Youth Bureau

"I support Antonio because he is putting in the hard work it takes to create an America that works for everyone. I raised my son to value things like hard work, integrity, and lifting up your friends and neighbors when they're down. Antonio shares those values. He knows that we need universal health care to support people in our community who are struggling. He knows that education is the gateway to opportunity and we need universal pre-K to make sure all kids have the chance to reach their full potential. He is the real deal, and he is showing up and listening all over our community."



"From the first time I met Antonio Delgado I have been impressed by his steadfast commitment and energy to help the citizens of his native upstate New York. His education and experience as a community activist and lawyer are among his many qualifications, and I appreciate that he shares my ideals of family love and community service. He has proven to have a team that will help him get the job done for NY 19! Vote Delgado on June 26!"

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Latino victory fund

"As a community leader and a champion for justice, Antonio has shown his commitment to fighting for families in the Hudson Valley and the Catskills who face an economic system that works against them. He has been a champion for increased civic engagement and economic opportunity, and has worked to correct inequalities within New York’s broken legal system. As a congressman, he will be a voice for the region's hardworking families and be an effective leader in restoring the American Dream."

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 12.05.16 PM.png

DEmocracy matters institutE

"We endorse Antonio Delgado's candidacy because we know that he has the vision, the intellect, and the work ethic to make a difference in Congress. As co-founders of the Democracy Matters Institute, an organization working to get big private money out of politics and people back in, we are particularly proud of Antonio’s strong support for ensuring that every one of us has a fair and equal voice in our democracy."

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Endorsed by end citizens united

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Named a moms demand action "Gun sense candidate"



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