Congressman John Faso puts Washington special interests before the working people of the Hudson Valley and the Catskills.

Faso has earned the nickname “No Show Faso” for his refusal to work hard and show up for his constituents or hear their needs. He has betrayed them by supporting Washington Republicans’ efforts to strip away health care from tens of millions of people to give a huge tax giveaway to the wealthiest one percent. He knows that most Upstate voters support commonsense gun safety measures like universal background checks, closing the gun show loophole and banning bump stocks, but he has taken thousands of dollars from the NRA and refuses to support real gun violence prevention. [HR 1628, Vote #256, 5/04/17; New York Times, 5/04/17; Federal Election Commission]

Faso is bought and paid for by the Washington Republican machine. In 2016, John Faso took $257,750 from corporate PACs. He was also assisted by the organization New York Wins, which received $500,000 from Robert Mercer, a hedge fund manager and major funder of Breitbart News and Cambridge Analytica. He was supported with $3.7 million from the Congressional Leadership Fund. The biggest donor to this organization was Las Vegas casino magnate Sheldon Adelson and his wife, who together gave $20 million. [Center for Responsive Politics; New Yorker, 3/27/17]

Politicians like John Faso who are bought and paid for by special interests and big corporations are one of the great moral problems of our time. I have pledged to not take a cent from corporate PACs or the NRA during this campaign. I am dedicated to working hard and showing up in every part of this region to hear the concerns of working people - the only people I will ever be beholden to.