Working families 

The Republican tax plan is a travesty. Working people pay enough taxes. America’s tax policies should put working families and the middle class first, not the super-rich and large corporations.  

I grew up in a working class home in Schenectady, and know that working class folks pay too much in taxes.  I vehemently oppose the proposed tax policies of President Trump and John Faso, and any other policy that funnels tax dollars from the middle class to billionaires and contributes to an already exploding federal debt. Trickle-down economics has never worked for the American people. I want to simplify our tax code and get rid of the loopholes that are only available to the super rich, while making the system more fair to American workers.

For many people in the Hudson Valley and the Catskills, the American Dream is no longer in reach.  Working families are struggling to climb up into the middle class, no matter how hard they work.  The past few decades have seen good-paying jobs like those at General Electric and IBM disappear, with fewer and fewer viable stepping stones for families seeking their share of the American Dream, including mine. 

We need leaders who will listen to the people and not put dollars over our democracy.  Leaders who create tax policies that benefit the working and middle class, not the super wealthy and corporations.  We need leaders committed to restoring the American Dream.